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EasyConferences.org Registration System

Easy Conferences software has been created in order to fill up a gap in the registration process of Academic and Medical Conferences. The owners of the site have combined their vast experience in the organization of such events with technology, and www.easyconferences.org was created. The software provides conference organizers with an one-stop-shop solution. Conference participants only need to sign in once in their lifetime and then register for as many conferences as Easy Conferences organize. In continuation, participants will only need to register for the conference, select all services they need, and pay instantly. The whole process can be complete in minutes.

In case you would like to know more about us and/or our software please find our contact details on the right.

Conference Organizers

In case that you are organizing an upcoming event and would like to know more about our services. Please contact us for more details and/or a quotation.


Contact Details

ADDRESS: P.O.BOX 24420, Nicosia 1704, Cyprus.
EMAIL: info@easyconferences.org
TEL +357-22-591900
FAX +357-22-591700